Collection 1: Conference Papers, Articles & Manuscripts

The Nature of Congressional Rules

Membership, Committees, and Change in the House of Representatives

Patterns of Floor Consideration in the House of Representatives

From Special Orders to Special Rules: Pictures of House Procedures in Transition

Special Rules in the House of Representatives: Themes and Contemporary Variations

The Structure of Choice in the House of Representatives: The Impact of Complex Special Rules

Suspension of the Rules, the Order of Business, and the Development of Congressional Procedure

Representatives and Committees on the Floor: Amendments to Appropriations Bills in the House of Representatives, 1963-1982

Legislation, Appropriations, and Limitations: The Effect of Procedural Change on Policy Choice (with Richard C. Sachs)

Parliamentary Strategy and the Amendment Process: Rules and Case Studies of Congressional Action

A Tree Grows in Washington: The Crystallization and Interpretation of Amendment Rules in the House of Representatives (with Elizabeth Rybicki)

Intent and Interpretation of Amendment Rules in the House of Representatives (with Elizabeth Rybicki)

Bicameral Conflict and Accommodation in Congressional Procedure

Germaneness Rules and Bicameral Relations in the U.S. Congress

Senator and Senate: Influence on the Legislative Agenda

The Appeal of Order: The Senate's Compliance with Its Legislative Rules

Rules, Rulings, and the Rule of Law in Congress

Congressional Self-Discipline

A Legislative Simulation for Congressional Staff

Reaching Bicameral Legislative Agreement in Canberra and Washington

Parliamentary Rules and Judicial Review in Romania (with Susan Benda)

From Soviet to Parliament in Ukraine: The Verkhovna Rada During 1992-1994

Law-Making in Kazakhstan: A Baseline Analysis of the Supreme Soviet

Parliamentary Reform in Zambia: Constitutional Design and Institutional Capacity

President and Parliament in Zambia

Rules of Procedure for National Assemblies: An Introduction

Why a Senate? The Federalist Perspective, Then and Now

The Office of Speaker in Comparative Perspective

Incentives and Opportunities for Oversight: Comparative Implications of the American Congressional Experience

Observations on Bicameralism

Standards of Conduct in National Assemblies: The American Experience and Its Comparative Implications

Knowledge, Power, and National Assemblies

The Australian and American Senates: A Comparison

A Delicate Balance: The Accidental Genius of Australian Politics

Mandates, Consensus, Compromise, and the Senate

Senate Amendments and Legislative Outcomes, 1996-2007

Crisp, the Senate, and the Constitution

Strengthening Australia's Senate: Some Modest Proposals for Reform

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